If you’re conversant with WordPress, then you will know that just about anybody can lay their hands on a WordPress package and start using it immediately. However, some people succeed more than others. At this point you may be tempted to think, maybe the successful ones have a deep knowledge of programming or design, but you will be grossly mistaken. What makes a successful WordPress publisher is far more universal that a degree in computer science.

There are some indispensable attributes you must possess as an online publisher, if you want to record truly remarkable success. Obviously, I can’t cover everything in this article, so I will highlight just 2:

Have a Giving Attitude

Everyone establishing an online presence will at some point want to get some revenue in return and this is justified (after-all you did pay to set up the site). The mistake some fresh bloggers or site owners make is that they seek to monetize their site the very instant they launch it.

Come on! You want to teach me how to make money with my blog and you want me to pay $50 to buy some eBook, without even giving me priceless tips to show you know what you’re doing? That just never works!

Design for a web site

When starting out as a site owner, seek to give to your readers and customers, give them useful content that will trigger a “thank you” from them. Eventually, they will become paying customers because they trust your ability to deliver.

Understand What You’re Doing

Many people start a blog just because they read a post that says “how I made $10,000 with my blog in a month”. What these guys fail to understand is that the fella that wrote that inspiring article is already good at what he does.

To truly succeed in your chosen niche in the online community, you must be good at what you do. Your subscribers should be able to ask you questions and get accurate answers. When your service is truly top-notch, then you will spend less time advertising yourself, your customers will do the major part of the work.

People out there are looking for expertise and are willing to pay any price to get it. So, before launching fully into that “world conquering idea” of yours, it wouldn’t hurt to undergo relevant training and extensive study to ensure that when you eventually emerge, your content indeed has “content”.